Why You Should Not Wait To Change Your Oil

August 22nd, 2019 by

The award-winning Pentastar V6 engine, the world-renowned HEMI V8, the Tigershark four-cylinder engine. Whatever model you drive in the FCA family, you’re assured of exciting performance and reliable operation. But to keep your vehicle working as it should, you need routine maintenance like engine oil changes at Blake Fulenwider Ram Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Beeville, TX.

Not convinced that your engine oil needs to be done right away? Here are five reasons you shouldn’t wait to get your oil change completed.

Oil Change

Lack of Lubrication

Long intervals between oil changes are bad news for your engine. The longer oil is in your engine, the more it loses its protective qualities. Lubrication is a barrier between parts – at a molecular level, oil particles maintain a gap between metal parts in the engine.

With lack of lubrication, you could find that your engine quickly deteriorates in performance. You could hear knocking or ticking noises that aren’t normal. You’ll be visiting Blake Fulenwider Ram Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Beeville, TX very soon.

Excessive Heat

Did you know that your engine oil performs up to 40 percent of your engine’s cooling capability? That’s nearly as much as the cooling system itself! However, that high level of heat dispersion only happens when the engine oil is clean.

If your engine oil is dirty, you could notice your operating temperature rising steadily. It could be because the oil is low in the crankcase or is dark and thick, unable to disperse heat. Not only will your engine run less efficiently, but you could experience mechanical problems related to heat also.

Sludge Buildup

One of engine oil’s purposes is to keep the engine clean on the inside. As oil passes over stationary and moving parts inside, it washes away deposits and buildup that can restrict oil flow.

Dirty oil is unable to wash away buildup inside the engine – in fact, the opposite happens! Particulate matter in the oil sticks to parts inside the engine, worsening the sludge and contributing to oil flow restrictions. An engine starved of oil pressure will inevitably fail.

Excessive Friction

An oil change in Beeville, TX’s hot weather is important, especially for reducing friction inside the engine. Clean oil is a protective barrier between parts, but particles in the oil can act like sandpaper.

Not only does increased friction in an engine cause wear, but it also makes your engine work harder. A hard-working engine requires more energy to overcome the friction, and that means you’re burning more fuel.

Premature Wear and Failure

Inevitably, dirty oil causes avoidable wear inside your engine. You might not notice symptoms immediately, but they are cumulative. Down the road, excessive wear, friction, and sludge buildup can all contribute to premature engine failure and expensive repairs. It can all be avoided with routine oil changes at your Blake Fulenwider Beeville car dealership.

Need an oil change in Beeville, TX on your Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, or Jeep vehicle? One of the Beeville dealerships is Blake Fulenwider Ram Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Book your visit today at our service department in Beeville, Texas to keep your vehicle’s engine running as strong as possible today and in the future.



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