Starting Point for Holiday Season Travel Car Care

Your car is not just for the drive home. It will provide the mechanism that takes you to local eating-places, the homes of dear friends, and beautifully decorated local sites. The starting point for holiday car care is to take the time to have your car serviced by Blake Fulenwider Beeville.

  • Give trusted individuals your travel plans/if you are seriously delayed, someone knows where to start looking.
    Take along an emergency polyester blanket, use for warmth or to sit on.
  • Travel Pillow
  • Tire repair
  • Battery cables
  • Road flares

It is worth it since this detail in maintenance will provide a reliable means of transportation for your holiday travel. You can avoid most travel mishaps with a few precautionary measures. It is an uncomfortable feeling when you drive by cars sitting on the side of the road. You can only be grateful you took the time to have your car professionally serviced while at home in Beeville.

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