Safety Features You’ll Appreciate in the New Dodge Grand Caravan

When you are in the market for a new family minivan, consider the new Dodge Grand Caravan because it comes equipped with many safety features the driver will certainly appreciate.

One safety feature in the new Dodge Grand Caravan that helps with keeping others safe is the ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera. Place the vehicle in reverse, and the screen on the dash turns into a camera, giving you a clear view of what is directly behind your vehicle.

The new Dodge Grand Caravan has the All-Speed Traction Control monitoring the vehicle for wheel slippage. If one or all of the tires begin to slip, the system applies brake pressure to each wheel while reducing engine power to maintain adequate traction and allow the driver to control vehicle stability.

The new Dodge Grand Caravan is now here on the lot at Blake Fulenwider Beeville and ready for you to take for a test drive.

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