Roadworthy Tire Tread

Tire tread can easily be ignored during a vehicle service especially when you are doing it yourself. Usually, when the treads look new, then one assumes that they are road worthy. The depth of the treads are measured in 32nds of an inch, and when new, they measure 10/32″. A person is advised to replace when the tread measure is at 4/32″.

Treads play an essential role as much as road safety is concerned. Below, 2/32″ sure a tire is not allowed to be on the road. When driving with worn out tires, you risk to cause an accident as the attraction between the tires and the way is significantly reduced. When riding on wet slippery roads, brake respondents may take you entirely some time risking the chances of an accident even further. Although for long people have been using the Lincoln penny test to measure the depth of their tires, it now advisable to use the new Washington test which says that when you can see Washington’s head when a quarter is inserted into the tread, then the tread needs replacement.

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