Dodge Challenger: A Marvel of Efficiency

As impressive as the Dodge Challenger is on the track, where it truly shines is at the gas pump. A part of the traditional muscle car lore is the historically terrible fuel efficiency. Dodge has managed to produce a line of high performance sports cars that are noted for dominating the street and track with engine packages producing over 700 horsepower. All this while still providing packages capable of over 30 mpg.

The key to this type of success is the smart application of advancements in technology for power delivery and fuel management which not only provide improved fuel efficiency, but also provide more efficient power delivery. Features such as the 8-speed transmission allow the Pentastar V6 models, which tout over 300 horsepower, to reach over 30 mpg highway with a range of over 500 miles. Even the V8 Hemi models are capable of up to 25 mpg thanks to help from the same 8-speed transmission as well as the advanced variable displacement feature. This system allows the engine to run on 4 cylinders when 8 cylinders aren’t necessary. Come explore the Dodge Challenger at Blake Fulenwider Beeville. You will be impressed.

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