Dispelling the Myth of When to Change Your Engine Oil

There’s still a lot of debate about how often vehicle owners should change their engine oil. While oil-change franchises push the 3,000-mile myth, there’s enough information now to dispute the belief that 3,000 miles is the deadline. The time for an oil change depends on the vehicle, the driver, and the conditions under which the vehicle operates. It also depends on the type of oil used.

The average mileage that warrants an oil change is 7,500 miles. All too often, engine oil-change franchises favor the 3,000-mile limit to get more customers through the front door. There are some environmental benefits to consuming less engine oil. Your owner’s manual provides an excellent source of information. Our dealership can also schedule your vehicle for an oil change and run a diagnostic to check its overall performance. It’s always smart to make sure your vehicle is in top running condition. Safety should always remain a top priority.

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