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  • Blake Fulenwider

    Blake Fulenwider, a graduate of the University of Texas and a native of Georgetown has more than 18 years experience in the automotive industry and serves as the president of Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep.  His passion runs deep for community involvement and he is committed to helping make the communities his dealerships are located in wonderful places to live, work and play.

  • Cody Foster
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mike Fountaine
    Chief Technology Officer, Managing Partner

  • Rick Hanzelka
    Managing Partner, Vice President of Fix Operations

  • Erik Stewart
    Vice President
    877-268-3632 Ext:4102

    Erik Stewart is Vice President and General Manager of Blake Fulenwider RAM Chrysler Dodge Jeep. He and his beautiful wife Kealy are new parents to a baby boy named Duke. Duke is the light of their eyes and looks exactly like Erik. (Fat cheeks and all!) Erik has a degree in Finance and Economics from Hardin Simmons University and is an accomplished pit master. He's also a fan of the Big Lebowsky and hopes to be the first man to sell a car on Mars. So! Kealy and Duke, get your space helmets ready. Erik's got a moving plan on the horizon for you both.

  • Jacob Allen
    Chief Financial Officer

    This hard working man serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Blake Fulenwider Automotive. He lives in Brownwood with his wife and 2 daughters. His current career path has him planning on taking the CPA exam in a few months. With a background in finance, banking and insurance, he's a great fit for Blake Fulenwider.  And if that's not enough about Jacob, ask him about his favorite movie: American Sniper.

  • Kevin Monsey
    Pre-Owned Inventory Manager

  • Mario Arvizu
    Service Technician

    Mario Arvizuis a service technician. He is a former heavy equipment operator and is married to his beautiful wife Reylene. He's honest as the day long and is best known for his work ethic. After only 2 years as a technician Mario is well on his way to being a Level III certified technician. His goal is to always be better at his craft.

  • Chris Cruz
    Service Technician

    Chris Cruz is a service technician apprentice with Blake Fulenwider. He has a mechanical mind and is very energetic. His goal is to surpass our number 1 service technician in hours billed and repairs achieved. So, he's counting on support from his wife Jacqueline and 2 daughters because it's going to take a lot of work to make it happen. We think Chris has a great sense of humor and look forward to his next level of certification on his way to the top.

  • David Davila
    Parts Manager

    David Davila works as our parts manager. He's single with a girlfriend and one step-son. He's best known for having the best snack drawer in the company. "If you ain't first… you're last" from the Ricky Bobby character is his favorite quote. David has worked hand-in-hand with the service and parts team at the dealership to help them excel in serving our customers.  It's what keeps him coming back to work every day.

  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Sales Consultant

  • Severino Dehoyos, II
    Service Technician

    Severino is a service technician with 4 years' experience.  This quiet soft-spoken individual is a second-generation service technician following in his father's footsteps. He's also a husband and father to 6 children. Severino always hopes to keep his family where they need to be and support them in their many endeavors.

  • Daniel Escobar
    Service Technician

    Daniel Escobar is a service technician living in Beeville. He's been in the service industry for 26 years.

  • Jo Ann Escobar
    Office Manager
    877-268-3632 Ext: 4501

    JoAnn Escobar is our office manager. She's from Sinton originally, and currently lives in Beeville.

    She's been an administrative assistant and has 4 years automotive experience. She's most proud of her family and is fluent in Spanish.

  • Larry Garcia
    Sales Consultant

    Larry Garcia is best known for Keeping it weird. And he a sales pro. He's been in the business for almost 5 years and has attained Expert level certification in both RAM and Jeep. Larry describes himself as hilarious. We describe him as the OG.

  • Ram Garcia
    Parts and Service Director

    Ram Garcia is the service and parts director, husband, father and college graduate. He's dedicated to helping each member of the service and parts department to accomplish not only their work goals, but their personal goals so that they are well rounded individuals and happy in life. Previously with Ford, Ram found a home at Blake Fulenwider and his name fits us perfectly! 

  • Rosendo Garcia
    Sales Professional

    Rosendo Garcia is one of our sales professionals. He's been in sales for seven years and formerly worked for a furniture rental store. Rosendo lives in Beeville.

  • Juan Garza
    Service Advisor

    Juan Garza is from Robstown and has been in the car business twenty-four years. He's been a service advisor for six years and is really proud of the improvement that the dealership has experienced in the past year. Juan has been employee of the month and service department employee of the month several times because he's a workaholic and is known for "getting it done!" You can count on him to enjoy some down time every now and then and when he does, he spends it with his wife, kids and grandson.

  • Lorenzo Gonzales
    Business Link
    877-268-3632 Ext: 4204

  • Douglas Leonard
    Service Technician

    Douglas Leonard is an automotive service technician with 22 years' experience. He's best known for the amount of work he accomplishes every. Single. Day. He's got a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and he's Chrysler Master certified as well as ASE certified. With a great work ethic, Doug sets an example every day for what it takes to rise to the top. When he's not working Doug is a husband to his wife Laura and their seven children. 

  • Terry Lindsey
    Sales Professional

    Terry Lindsey is a former Marine who successfully served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is married and shares 5 children with his wife. Terry is best known for being an undefeated champion in Table Top Pong and is a high scorer in Centipede. One of his favorite quotes is that you don't need a parachute to sky dive - you need a parachute to sky dive twice!

  • Jesse Maldonado
    Sales Professional

    Jesse is a father of 7 very intelligent boys, a husband and a former sales manager. Needless to say, Jesse is a busy man! His kiddos keep him on his feet as he and his wife Brittany work daily to bring up the kids and prepare them for advanced education and life in general. His passion is obviously wrapped up in family. And his favorite quote from Denzel Washington aptly describes Jesse's outlook: "Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it." (Describes Jesse to a "T!

  • Lino Marin
    Service Technician

    Lino Marin is a service technician, a drummer in a rock band, a power lifter and football player. He lives a pretty full life. On top of all of this, Lino is married to Sonia and is a hardworking husband. His immediate goal is to buy a home for Sonia and to provide her with the house they both have dreamed of. Lino is an accomplished technician with five years' experience.

  • Doug McDonald
    Parts Advisor

    Doug McDonald is a parts advisor and has been in the industry for twelve years. He was formerly in the insurance industry and had quite a few achievements there; like branch manager of the year, and a permanent member of the president's club. Doug has a family and grandkids and he loves the Marvel movies and anything by Louis L'Amore.

  • Samuel Potter
    F & I Director

  • Vanessa Ramon
    Title Clerk

  • Danny Rincon
    Service Technician

    Danny Rincon, Jr. is a Level III Dodge Service Technician. He's studied and worked diligently to achieve Chrysler service certification and has a great work ethic. Danny is married to Eddylisa and loves rock music. He's also a fan of the movies Tombstone and Fast & Furious. Danny's been in the business for almost 4 years and looks forward to many more years servicing vehicles.

  • Jimmy Rouse III
    Sales Manager

    Jimmy Rouse is the Sales Manager. He's from Alice and now resides in Beeville. After 6 ½ years in the industry, Jimmy finally decided to calm down and become the Meme King. So, if you need any memes, just call Jimmy - he's aggressive and out of control with memes.

  • Brandon Saenz
    Service Technician

    Brandon Saenz is a service technician and has been in the business for 7 years. He's very accurate and deliberate in his work repairs and is never afraid to ask questions. He is working toward becoming a master certified technician and exceeding all levels of certification. His favorite quote is  "It is what it is."

  • Jr Segovia
    Sales Porter
    877-268-3632 Ext: 4113

  • Justin Subia
    Inventory Manager

    Justin Subia is the "Subzilla" of the dealership. In his spare time, he manages the inventory for us. Justin says he's loyal and hard-working in addition to being awesome. Justin has one mom, one dad, one brother and two sisters. (Honest - we took it right off his bio sheet.) His goal is to fully restore his '67 Chevy Impala. 

  • Michael Willow
    Sales Professional

    Michael Willow is a sales professional. He's also single and looking.  So, if you're single and need a new vehicle, drop in and check out Michael (He's the one with the amazing beard). Previously in law enforcement, Michael has been with us for almost a year and he's proven that motivation pays off. He's already made salesman of the month. We thank Michael for his service to our county as an Army veteran.

  • Adan Zamora
    Service Technician

    Adan Zamora is a Level III service technician, husband, dad and granddad.  He moved up from the Rio Grande Valley to live in Mathis and has been in the industry for ten years. He's hard working and is a mentor to many of our service department employees. He enjoys helping others and loves his family with all his heart. Favorite movies include Saving Private Ryan and When Trumpets Fade.

  • Jo Zamora
    Sales Professional

    Jo Zamora is known as "The Closer." He's outgoing and lives with no regret. He's most proud of his amazing son. AS a helicopter electrician in his former job capacity, it's no wonder that his college degree is in air frames and power plants. 

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